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Food & Drinks play an important role in the economic development of any nation. A well-managed food market helps to maintain nutrition level and avoid epidemics. To survive in a fast world, people need to eat regularly, healthily and reduce weight. A variety of beverages helps people to achieve all these nutritional requirements while saving money at the same time.

Generally, a food & drinks beverage is a liquid meant for consumption. As part of the diet, it is one of the most important supplies of nutrition like proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, etc. In addition to their main function of soothing thirst, beverages also play significant roles in social culture.

Most commonly known beverages are water, tea, coffee, milk, and hot chocolate. Although all the beverages mentioned above constitute a large part of the total food & drinks consumed by people, some are used more often than others. For example, tea or coffee is known to relieve stress. It also rejuvenates the body as it contains antioxidants, which help to fight free radicals and prevent diseases.

Soft drinks are consumed as a resourceful alternative to beer, which may cause intoxication after long hours of drinking. As it contains no calories, it fulfills the need of people, who cannot stick to a regular meal. Besides, it is a good source of sodium, which prevents from high blood pressure. In addition, fruit juices and cordial teas are a great alternative for food & drinks, which taste good but are very costly. They are also good for refreshing the mind.

Fruit juices, jellies, milkshakes, and smoothies are considering healthy food & drinks, since they provide vitamins and minerals that help to build the immunity of the body against diseases. This means, that these drinks can be made to replace regular meals. The consumption of protein shakes is very popular among sports persons, body builders, and people who want to stay in shape. These shakes are also known to increase the metabolic rate of the person.

Some food & drinks like alcoholic drinks, tomato juice, tomato paste, and butter are mixing with milk or cream to make tea. This makes delicious and tasty blended drinks. In the Middle East, Egypt and many other places, the banana is boiled in milk and served as a health drink. Similarly, in some parts of Australia, the cooked banana dipped in milk is called “peach water”.

Fast foods like pizzas, burgers, soft drinks, and ice-creams are very popular. In our fast-paced life, we don’t have time to cook nutritious home-made food for ourselves. We prefer to eat food & drinks available in the local super stores or fast food outlets. These superstores provide frozen food and drinks along with the regular food items.

One of the most important things to be kept in mind while choosing food & drinks is the safety of the products. All these food items must have the approval of the Food and Drug Association of United States (FDA). The packaging should also indicate whether it is a food or a medicine and whether it is suitable for human consumption or not. You should buy only from reputed stores, which are ISO accredited. Finally, always try a sample before purchasing it to check if it suits your body type.

If you are a health-conscious person, you can choose low fat and low sugar food items. While choosing your diet drinks, you should also look for those that have more healthy ingredients and fewer artificial ingredients. Many fruits and vegetables are low in calories and hence can be consumed on a daily basis while avoiding fatty and sugary drinks.

As we age, we may begin to face problems related to drinking water. Drinking plenty of water during hot weather will keep you hydrated and prevent heat stroke. You may also choose to add some honey, lemon or lime on your food & drinks to improve their taste. Drinking carrot juice with honey is a great combination. Herbs such as ginger, basil, and mint are also good for your health and help in keeping your food & drinks fresh.

The best part about food & drinks is that you can use them in several ways. They are easily available at home and do not cost much. Just make sure you avoid junk food & drinks and eat nutritious and healthy foods to maintain a fit body.

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