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Homemade Bread Selection (v) £3.00
Marinated Olives (vegan)(gf) £4.00
Duo of Dips (v) £4.00


Homemade Soup with Bread (v) £6.00
Homemade Chicken Liver Parfait with Rhubarb Chutney and Garlic & Rosemary Focaccia £6.50
Smoked Haddock Fishcake with Leek & Potato Soup £6.50
Asparagus & Poached Egg with Wild Garlic Emulsion (v)(gf) £6.50
Chefs ‘Special’ Prawn Cocktail with Tempura-Battered Tiger Prawns £7.50
Confit Duck Spring Roll with Chinese Salad and Orange & Hoisin Dressing £8.00
Pan-Fried Scallops with Cauliflower Puree, Cauliflower Couscous & Shellfish Dressing (gf) £9.00


House Salad (v)(gf) £3.50
Green Vegetables (v)(gf) £3.50
Dauphinoise Potatoes (v)(gf) £3.50
Crisp Fluffy Chips (v) £3.50


Shallot Tarte with Camembert Cheese and Truffled Spring Greens (v) £10.00
Ratatouille & Goats Cheese Gateau with Asparagus and a Smoked Red Pepper Dressing (v) £12.50
Daily Caught Fish & Chips with Crushed Peas and Homemade Tartare Sauce £12.50
Vegetarian ‘Halloumi Fish & Chips’ (v) £10.00
Roasted Hake with Shiitake Mushroom Broth and Spring Vegetables (gf) £13.00
Pork Tenderloin, compressed ‘Hand & Spring’, Apple Purée, Fondant Potato and Star Anise Jus (gf) £14.50
Roasted Corn-Fed Chicken Breast with Dauphinoise Potatoes and Baby Onions, Baby Mushrooms and Lardons (gf) £14.50
Roasted Rump of Lamb with Harissa-Spiced Ptitim and Lamb Potatoes £18.50


Onglet Steak 5oz. £15.00
Rib-Eye Steak 8oz. £20.00
Fillet Steak 7oz. £26.00


Homemade Ice Creams and Sorbets (v) £5.00
Affogato – Vanilla Ice Cream, Espresso, & Honeycomb (v)(gf) £6.00
Rhubarb & Custard Trifle (v) £6.00
Apple Crumble Crème Brûlée with Cinnamon Ice Cream (v) £6.00
Lemon Meringue Tart with Raspberry Sorbet (v) £6.00
Moelleux au Chocolat (v) £7.00
Pineapple Souffle with Pineapple & Chilli Salsa and Coconut Cocktail (v)(gf) £7.00
Selection of Fine Cheeses £8.00